What is “Green Pest Control”?

What is "Green Pest Control"?

Pests can be an annoyance, but they can also pose serious health risks to the people inside your home. It’s important that you take steps to get rid of pests without bringing in harmful chemicals that may endanger your family’s health. To do so, we recommend that you consider utilizing green pest control.

In this blog, we will break down green pest control and all that it entails.

Green pest control is the process of finding ways to manage pests that minimize risks to human health as well as to the environment. Green pest control is a process that involves identifying the problem, taking a two-fold approach and monitoring results.

Green pest control requires an understanding of what green means in terms of your approach to pest management. For example, “green” can refer to an environmentally friendly chemical or it may mean using natural methods such as beneficial insects or plants for controlling pests.

Green pest control identifies and makes use of natural predators.

The use of predator insects, plants and fish is an effective way to manage a wide range of insects and mites that are harmful to your crops. The presence of these natural predators will also help reduce the need for pesticides as they compete with the pests for food resources. Predators also act as a barrier against pests entering your crop – they will attack them on sight so they don’t get a chance to settle in or feed on your plants.

The most commonly used predators are:

  • Ladybugs (ladybugs eat aphids)
  • Hoverflies (hoverflies lay their eggs inside aphids)
  • Lacewings (lacewings eat aphids)
  • Predatory mites (predatory mites are tiny insect-eating arthropods – like spiders but smaller)

Green pest control works with processes already present in nature, rather than removing or fighting against them.

There are steps you can take to avoid bringing in harmful chemicals to deal with pests without compromising your safety. As stated previously, the key is to identify the problem, choose a natural solution and follow through with non-chemical methods of eliminating the pest. If you need help with your pest control, we suggest that you reach out to ProShield Termite & Pest Control. Our team of professionals has more than 30 years of experience, and we are ready to help you!

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