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How Long Do Termites Swarm in Alabama?

Termites are a common pest in Alabama. While there is no way to prevent termites from swarming, it’s important to know what to look for and when.

When Do Termites Swarm? 

Usually, termites swarm in the spring, but the process can happen throughout the year. This can vary depending on the species of termite. Termite swarms are often a sign of infestation. You may find that you have termites after seeing swarms flying around your home or yard. If you see a swarm of flying insects near your home, it’s best to get an expert opinion immediately.

Are Termites Attracted to Light?

Termites are attracted to light. Assuming there is no infestation nearby, a swarm around a window, door or light fixture might be the first sign of an infestation.

The most common time for termite swarms is spring and summer when the weather is warm. This is because termites swarm only when temperatures exceed 70 degrees F (21 C). When you see a swarm of insects flying around, it’s usually a good idea to give them plenty of space. It could be that they’re bees or wasps, but you should also consider the possibility that they’re winged termites.

If this happens to you in Alabama, don’t panic! The alates (winged termites) stow their wings when they land and it’s sometimes difficult to know whether you’re looking at an ant or a termite because they’re so similar. Alates have a pair of antennae while ants have only one; this is the most obvious way to tell them apart if you’re not sure which kind of insect is buzzing around your yard lights late at night. Termites also have two pairs of wings whereas ants have just one pair—but again, these features can be hard to see unless viewed up close under magnification like in this picture I took with my microscope:

Subterranean termites usually swarm during late winter/early spring or fall during either midday or nighttime hours. Drywood and damp wood termites tend to swarm in late summer.

  • You should note that subterranean termites usually swarm during late winter/early spring or fall during either midday or nighttime hours. Drywood and damp wood termites tend to swarm in late summer.
  • Swarming occurs when the colony’s queen begins producing pheromones and these pheromones attract new workers. As the worker population becomes too big for the colony’s resources, some of them leave to form new colonies.
  • Termites will begin swarming when temperatures rise above 70°F (21°C). They usually do this at night but can also swarm during the daytime if there is enough humidity for them to fly comfortably without getting too wet.

Examining Your Home Regularly for Signs of Termite Activity Is Highly Recommended.

The best time to look for termites is early in the morning, as this is when they are most active. Inspect your home for swarmers near windows, doors and other areas where you see ants or other insects. If you see a swarm of flying insects coming out of a wall or fence post, they’re likely termites.

Termite swarms are a sign that you have an infestation, and it’s important to take action as soon as possible. If you see termites in your home or around it, call a pest control expert immediately. This can help prevent further damage and save you money in the long run!

Termites are among the most frequent pests that homeowners must deal with, yet they can be difficult to discover and even more challenging to eradicate. It’s crucial to contact a specialist if you notice any of these symptoms in your house. The procedure of treating termites yourself can be risky and expensive, therefore you shouldn’t do it. Speak to one of our ProShield experts immediately if you’re unsure about the best course of action for your circumstance. We’ll provide you peace of mind by assisting you in determining the precise situation with your home.

Are Cockroaches Normal in Alabama?
Yes, cockroaches are considered normal in Alabama as they are common household pests found in many regions of the state. Various cockroach species thrive in Alabama's warm and humid climate, making occasional encounters with these pests quite common. Effective pest control measures and preventive actions can help manage cockroach populations in homes and buildings.
Why Is There A Cockroach In My House?
Cockroaches may enter your house seeking food, water, and shelter. They are attracted to warm and humid environments and can find their way inside through cracks, gaps, or openings in doors and windows. Once inside, they can hide in dark and secluded areas, such as kitchen cabinets, under appliances, or in bathrooms. Proper sanitation and sealing potential entry points can help prevent cockroaches from entering your house.
What Kind Of Roaches Live In Alabama?
In Alabama, various species of cockroach can be found, including the German cockroach, American cockroach, Oriental cockroach, Brown-banded cockroach, Smoky-brown cockroach, and Wood cockroach.
What Is The Most Common Roach In Alabama?
The most common type of roach in Alabama is the German cockroach (Blattella germanica). These small, light brown or tan insects are known for their rapid reproduction and preference for warm, humid environments. German cockroaches are often found in kitchens, bathrooms, and areas with access to food and moisture. Due to their adaptability and ability to hide in small spaces, they can be challenging to eliminate once they establish infestations.
How Big Are Cockroaches In Alabama?
Cockroaches in Alabama can vary in size depending on the species of roach. The most common cockroaches, such as the German roach, are typically about 1/2 to 5/8 inch in length. Larger species like the American cockroach can grow to approximately 1.5 to 2 inches in le
What Makes Cockroaches Dangerous?
Cockroaches can be dangerous due to their ability to carry and transmit diseases, contaminate food and surfaces with pathogens, trigger allergic reactions and asthma, and cause damage to property.
Do Cockroaches Bite?
Yes, some cockroach species can bite humans, but it is relatively rare. Most common household cockroaches, like the German cockroach, are not known for biting humans. However, they can still cause health issues through other means, such as carrying and spreading disease-causing pathogens.
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